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UNIQ - Carnival Traditions in the Center and South of Portugal

With the traditions of the Portuguese Entrudo properly presented, UNIQ is now preparing to reach the most genuine Carnivals in the Central and South regions of Portugal.

Shovetide, the Portuguese carnival

The Carnival is coming, and there are many places in Portugal where it is still celebrated like the ancestral traditions

On the Templars route

A trip through the Knights Templar secrets

Mafra and the Most Powerful King of his Time

The place where it was built the biggest baroque work in Portugal

One day in the Douro

Get your family or your friends together and join us on the discovery of the Douro!

One day in the Aldeias do Xisto (Schist Villages)

To know our villages is to know our history and culture. Get to know our arts and crafts, breathe the fresh air, and let yourself be lifted by the slow rhythm of life that is truly lived in these places.

One day in Bragança

A visit to Bragança is like going back in time, from historical memories to contemporary modernity in a perfect balance between Nature and quality of life.

One day in Braga & Guimarães

Visit Braga, with over 2000 years of magnificent history greatly based on religious roots, and Guimarães, the first capital of Portugal, classified as a World Heritage in 2001 by UNESCO.

One day in Porto

In Porto, classified as a World Heritage by UNESCO, it is possible to enjoy both a historical city and a trendy place to visit.