A most distinctive transfer service

that turns into a UNIQ experience


What if you had the chance to book a transfer service between Porto and Lisbon,

with the possibility to discover new places in the middle?

UNIQ - Transfer service

Everything is possible with UNIQ!

When you book a Porto-Lisbon or Lisbon-Porto transfer service, you can complement this service with two or three UNIQ experiences, where you can choose between the following options, for only 450€:

1)    Stop and visit Fátima, Coimbra, and Aveiro;

2)   Stop and visit Óbidos, Nazaré, and Aveiro.

However, if none of these options is compatible with your wishes, you can always contact us and we will arrange a different trip, in order to meet all your expectations. 

Let’s get to know these Portuguese cities and villages while traveling between Porto and Lisbon, shall we?



On the Portuguese West Coast, there is a town crossed by the famous Ria de Aveiro, where the colorful and very characteristic boats – the “moliceiros” - sail every day of the year, and the delightful traditional pastry made of eggs, commonly known as "Ovos moles". 

Aveiro is frequently called the “Portuguese Venice”, mostly because of the water channels that cross this city, with a vibrant urban lifestyle and an emergent university centre. 

Duration: 1 hour


UNIQ - Aveiro

UNIQ - Coimbra


Coimbra lives on the Mondego’s riverbanks, hometown to one of the oldest universities in Europe, whose foundation recalls to 1290.

Coimbra’s University is well known worldwide because of its baroque library – the Biblioteca Joanina – and the bell tower from the XVIII century. 

Coimbra’s identity mingles with the University's history itself, being acknowledged as the Students’ City. And it still remains with this very same recognition to this day. 

Duration: 1 hour  


Fátima is a place of worship and devotion. The Fátima Sanctuary is the most important sanctuary for all the Christians in Portugal, that receives the visit from thousands of believers every year in the month of May, moved by their faith. 

The Fátima Sanctuary was built in 1919, symbolizing St. Mary the Virgin’s apparition to three shepherd children – Jacinta, Francisco, and Lúcia - that may have witnessed succeeding apparitions from the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Duration: 1 hour

UNIQ - Fátima
UNIQ - Nazaré


Nazaré is a seaside village, located in the Leiria district, known by its beach of exceptional beauty. The extension and lively shades that color the beach are magnified by the contrast of the white sand with the turquoise blue of the ocean.  

There are many old Portuguese traditions related to the fishing arts in Nazaré, making it possible to see the fishmongers using these seven colorful skirts nowadays.

Don’t forget to stop in Nazaré’s lighthouse to watch the biggest waves in the world, and feel the breeze of the sea!

Duration: 1 hour 


Óbidos is one of the most picturesque and well-preserved medieval villages in Portugal. Close to the Portuguese capital city and located on a high point next to the Atlantic Coast, Óbidos is a village full of History. 

Óbidos is rounded by walls, with gorgeous bookshops on every street, and unique and lovely white houses on the inside. The Medieval Castle of Óbidos is a mandatory stop during your experience, so make sure you'll visit this singular place during your trip to Portugal. 

Duration: 1 hour

UNIQ - Óbidos
Practical Info

for your reservation

On your trip to Portugal, choose UNIQ as your transportation solution. Gather your family and friends, and come with us to discover amazing places, that will turn into a mesmerizing experience. 

We will provide you with a comfortable vehicle, a Mercedes V250 7-seater, with all the necessary comforts, such as Wi-fi, air conditioning, cold water, universal charger, and a driver who will be your personal assistant during your journey alongside us.

Book now your experience with UNIQ! 

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Transfer Service 

Start and End: Porto-Lisbon/ Lisbon-Porto;

Region: North and South;

Places to visit: Aveiro, Coimbra, Fátima, Nazaré, Óbidos;

Transport: Mercedes V250 vehicle, 7-seater;

Duration: 1 day;

Price: 450€ 


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