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The best portuguese Wine Bar 2018

A magical place so close to Porto



In the middle of a preserved schist village – Quintandona – 30 minutes from Porto, we can find an enchanted place where we can taste some of the best Portuguese wine and enjoy some typical Portuguese snacks, such as cheese tables, ham, and delicious bread.

Casa da Viúva Wine Bar / Wine Bar Casa da Viúva - UNIQ

"There is no sincerer love than the love for food" 
Bernard Shaw
The Wine Bar was born in an XVIII century-old barn, beautifully restored, mixing the rustic and the modern and cozy decoration. You barely need to come in to fall in love with its calmness. Soon you will find yourself mesmerized by the several exteriors and interiors spaces, each one with a different essence.

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We are not surprised that the Casa da Viúva Wine Bar has been considered the “Best Wine Bar in Portugal in 2018”, by the magazine Grandes Escolhas. They are wonderful hosts and advisers, who are able to take us on a trip through the best Portuguese wine regions, by presenting us with a selection of wines of choice from its vast wine cellar.
At the Wine Bar, you can also have plenty of different typical Portuguese snacks always taking consideration of the weather on that day. These amazing and tasty snacks are the perfect companion of this trip.

Snacks / Petiscos - UNIQ

"Men are like wine - some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age"Cícero

This is a place you can visit and taste over the whole year, and in each visit, you’ll feel a different kind of magic.
In the summer you can enjoy the amazing views and the exterior terrace. In the fall, in September, you can come to “Festa do Caldo”, a gastronomic feast full of cultural activities that lasts three days. On the winter’s coldest days, you can find comfort by the fireplace, creating an intimate and very cozy ambiance. By the spring there’s is nothing better than have a sit in the amazing glass room and have the starry sky above you.

Room with glass roof at the Casa da Viúva Wine Bar / Sala com teto de vidro no Wine Bar Casa da Viúva - UNIQ

Be sure to also visit the little schist village of Quintandona, totally restored and filled with beautiful corners and stories. You can find accommodation at one of the typical village's houses and watch, in the middle of nature, another day rise. 

Schist House at the Quintandona Village / Casa de Xisto em Quintandona - UNIQ

Book this fascinating experience with UNIQ. and get to know more about the north of our country. You’ll not regret it!

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6 hours in Quintandona

Start & End: Porto

Region: North of Portugal

To Visit: Quintandona and Casa da Viúva Wine Bar

Transport: Mercedes V250 vehicle, 7-seater

Duration: 6 hours

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Schist House at the Quintandona Village / Casa de Xisto em Quintandona - UNIQ

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