Why are we UNIQ

 Luxury cars and drivers

Real time bookings

Because we are the only company in Portugal for rentals of luxury cars and drivers with real time bookings.

If you give importance to elegance, exclusivity, discretion, and comfort, as well as services adjusted to your own rhythm, interests, and needs, then UNIQ. is the solution.

In Portugal, we are the right company to drive you safely and accompany you with a high level of professionalism. Our driver is also your personal assistant, a guarantee that your trip with UNIQ. will always be done in style.

With UNIQ. you can also book tourist experiences and one-of-a-kind services. Discover our historical places and cities on guided tours, on foot or by bike, enjoy a picnic in the vineyards or delight yourself with dinner accompanied by a specialist in enogastronomy, etc. There are many combinations that we have to offer you.

Always at your own rhythm, with no worries.

UNIQ. is a project for ETG - Empresa de Transportes Gondomarense, founded in 1939, and bought by Grupo JAL, SA in 1989. People, respect for the environment, and economic growth, coupled with the effectiveness of management governed by principles of integrity, fairness, ethics, and morality, are the foundation for the company's success.

Meet our UNIQ. team

Get to know our expert team of professional drivers and personal assistants.