Meet our Team

Our driver is also your personal assistant

Meet our Team

In Portugal, we are the right company to drive you safely and accompany you with a high level of professionalism.
Our driver is also your personal assistant, a guarantee that your trip with UNIQ. will always be done in style.

Joaquim Almeida - UNIQ

Joaquim Almeida

My name is Joaquim Almeida.
I like outdoor activities, music, history, theatre, and literature. The Alentejo Coast is my favourite region. 

Rui - UNIQ

Change is the law of life, it is a challenge. I do not look to the past or to the future, I try to be in harmony with the present. I try not to ask other people what they can do for me, but I am always worried about what I can do for other people. The more I am aware of the extent of my knowledge, the more I realise the magnitude of my ignorance. For all these reasons, what saddens me the most is to hurt, unfairly, those I love the most. 
It's me, just Rui.